It’s All About Relationships in Architecture

CAD Model of Custom Sustainable Home in Colorado

Of course, relationships are extremely important in Architecture. This can be seen in the proportions of ancient classical, Gothic, renaissance and even some modern architecture. Beyond the proportions of rooms, windows, or facades, the relationships of the rooms themselves give another important interpretation of the term. If the layout of the rooms is carefully considered with regard to views, daylight, and flow of daily activities, the occupant experience can be one of grace and ease, and a sense of “rightness” and elegance in the space.

It’s clear that relationships are extremely important between Humans, in Nature, and in Architecture. It is the inspired, synergistic, mutually beneficial relationship between Human and Nature that makes for great Architecture, which is what I aspire to every day. I hope that if possible, we can develop a great relationship that will be inspiring, encouraging and mutually rewarding. And now, as you contemplate your next project, remember that “It’s All About Relationships.”