“It’s All About Relationships.”

This is a phrase that I have found myself saying over and over regarding many aspects of not only design, but also about business and life in general. The name HumaNature Architecture is the first illustration of that axiom.

Back in 2000, when I was contemplating a name for my new firm, I wanted the name to reflect what my firm was going to be about, so that if one saw only the name, they would have at least some sense of what I do and what values underly my work. I wanted the name to reflect my focus and experience in sustainable design. I also felt very strongly that good interpersonal relationships are absolutely critical to a successful project, whether they be the relationship between the owner and architect, architect and contractor, or any of the myriad others that are involved in even a small project. I had arrived at that understanding after working for 6 previous architecture firms, witnessing the sometimes devastating effects of poor relationship management, and I was determined to do it differently.

In my opinion, good relationships are the grease for the wheels, so to speak, that can allow a project to proceed smoothly, even when there are bumps in the road. Not only is a good relationship important in handling problems, but it creates an additional, (well, actually multiplicative) intangible element that elevates the quality of the project when everyone is having fun and getting along. Life is too short to spend any time in conflict.  That is not to say that problems are avoided or overlooked so that we can all get along. When the relationships are good, problems happen less, and they are far less disruptive in an environment of camaraderie, mutual respect, and understanding.

So, I thought, “OK, ‘Nature’ must be in the name, but what about the human element…human and nature…human, nature…Human Nature Architecture!” It was almost too easy, plus it rolls off of the tongue pretty easily, eh? To emphasize the interrelatedness of Humans and Nature, I ran the words together, dropped one of the “n’s”, and HumaNature Architecture was born!

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