It’s All About Relationships in Nature

In nature, there exist mathematical patterns, or relationships that define the forms of everything from the atomic composition of elements, to the shape of flowers, fruits, pinecones and seashells, the proportions of the human body, the arrangement of musical notes, and even the positions and movements of the planets. The ancient philosophers and mathematicians in Egypt, Greece, and Central and South America discovered these relationships and came to believe that they had uncovered the “keys to the kingdom.”

The knowledge of this science became known as Sacred Geometry and was taught in mystery schools to only those initiates deemed worthy of such divine knowledge. Well-known examples of Sacred Geometry are the Platonic Solids. Named for their discoverer Plato, the Fibonacci Sequence, and the Golden Mean, were made famous in the DaVinci Code. For centuries, artists and architects have used these proportions in their creative endeavors. HumaNature Architecture is founded upon the belief that buildings designed using these relationships are more resonant with Nature and therefore, more peaceful and harmonious for their Human occupants. As with Humans, in Nature, “It’s All About Relationships.”